The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is a global project that brings together, on infinitely expandable web pages, information on all 1.9 million species of plants, animals, and microorganisms on Earth. As a collaborative effort of tens of thousands of people with expertise around the world, the EOL project aims to provide a free, publically accessible online database, for educational and academic purposes, of all the world’s organisms. The BA is an integral partner in the project; it participated in internationalizing the system, using its technical experience and knowledge to reconstruct the foundation of EOL and provide it in English, Arabic, and Spanish. It also endeavors to create EOL in Arabic as a rich, online resource of biodiversity for scientists in the Arab region. Since Arabic scientific resources are scarce online, the EOL in Arabic will serve as a turning point by facilitating the development, the dissemination of, and access to science and biodiversity information for Arab universities and research institutions. The BA’s role is not limited to translation, but also includes enabling Arab scientists to add new content to the EOL.