The mission of the UNL program, initiated by the United Nations and devised by the Universal Networking Digital Language (UNDL) Foundation, is to enable people around the world to generate information and have access to cultural knowledge in their native language. It addresses the obstacles caused by linguistic diversity among nations and is considered a new technique towards bridging the linguistic gap among civilizations. UNL is an artificial language attempting to replicate the functions of natural language in human communication. UNL applications will include multilingual web pages, the UNL encyclopedia, and more. Currently, 15 languages have been included and a number of institutions have started to work on their respective native languages. The BA has signed an agreement with UNDL foundation to host the Ibrahim Shihata Arabic-UNL Center (ISAUC), which plays a major role in designing and implementing the Arabic component in the development of this language and will act as an active language center for Arabic.