The Agenda Exhibition, which is organized by the BA Exhibitions and Art Collection Department, is considered to be one of the most important art exhibitions in Egypt at the moment. It first began in 2008 and was titled “50 cm Frame”. The name was changed by the seventh exhibition to the current title. Since its launch, hundreds of artists have taken part in the exhibition, using varied artistic mediums, such as photography, sculpture, carving, painting, ceramic art, and video art. This year, 83 artists have taken part in the exhibition and their artworks will be displayed in the BACC East Exhibition Hall from 2 to 28 February 2015. This Exhibition will be held alongside the 12th Edition of the Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups (Europe – Mediterranean).


Event Schedule

Location Date From: To: Activity Admission
BACC East Exhibition Hall 02 Feb 2015 17:00 21:00 Exhibition Open to the Public
BACC East Exhibition Hall 3 - 28 February 2015 09:00 21:00 Exhibition Open to the Public