In celebration of International Science Center and Science Museum Day, the BA Planetarium Science Center is organizing an event in cooperation with the BA Embassies of Knowledge. This year, the event falls under the following themes: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure.
The celebration includes a number of interactive workshops surrounding industry and innovation, as well as the importance of infrastructure in current society. The workshops furthermore promote the development of small yet innovative industries among youth.
Beginning with a few scientific discussions, students will be trained in the development and installation of engineering models using library resources. Moreover, they will cover important skills such as teamwork and creativity, thereby enhancing students’ industrial innovation and personal skills.
The workshops will take place at the BA Embassies of Knowledge headquarters in Tanta, Mansoura, Suez and Minya, during 22–19 November 2017.


Event Schedule

Location Date From: To: Activity Admission
BACC Multipurpose Hall 09 Nov 2017 09:00 20:00 Festival By invitation only