The BA Hosts "First Time" Exhibition for the Second Time

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Alexandria— The BA devotes much effort to nurturing young talents that show promise in the different fields of plastic arts. It provides a rare opportunity for relatively unknown artists to make their debut exhibit appearances to the public through the First Time Exhibition, organized by the Arts Center for the second year successively, during the period from 1-7 July 2007.

Maestro Sherif Mohie El-Din, Director of the BA Arts Center, stated that "First Time" Exhibition is a chance for young artists to showcase their talents and prove themselves in contemporary Egyptian art. The Exhibition is to receive thousands of the BA’s visitors from all over the globe and all those interested in the Egyptian art.

Dr. Mostafa El-Razaz, BA Plastic Arts Advisor, stated those who study arts, after finishing their studies, often feel lost and torn between the phase of studying, proving themselves, and finding their way to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Artists then live a phase of expectation and anticipation, and need a push to cross the threshold to the artistic arena; and to shed light on their creative potentials. He added that, for the second year, the BA presents a selected group of those young artists and provide them with a distinguished platform to display their works and to take large stride in their careers with dignity and confidence.

Dr Ahmed Abdel-Ghani, Commissioner of the First Time Exhibition, and Arts Center Plastic Arts Coordinator, stated that after the sweeping success of the first forum, this year's exhibition features works by young artists, very well selected, distinguished by their serious and unique artistic characters.

Dr. Abdel-Ghani added that this exhibition would not have been realized without the ongoing support and special standing of Dr. Ismail Serageldin, who is keen to encourage young talented artists, and who personally follows-up on the project. Dr. Abdel-Ghani also commend Maestro Sherif Mohie El-Din's enthusiasm in adopting ambitious ideas, and supporting the project; and Dr. Mostafa El-Razaz's renovation spirit, affluent giving, and persistence in developing new ideas and techniques.

The Exhibition will be held at the East Exhibition Hall, BA Conference Center.


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