Call for Participants: Agenda 2016 Exhibition

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The BA Exhibitions and Artistic Collection Department has announced a call for participants for the 9th Agenda Exhibition (2016), which is titled “Meter x Meter: a Free Space for Creativity”.

The Agenda Exhibition, which is considered to be one of the most important art exhibitions in Egypt at the moment, first began in 2008 and was titled “50 cm Frame”. By the 7th exhibition, the name had been changed to the current title.

Since it began, hundreds of artists have taken part in the exhibition in many different artistic fields, such as photography, sculpture, carving, painting, ceramic art, and video art.

To participate in the 9th round of the Exhibition, please fill out the application and send it, along with your portfolio, to the following e-mail address: The deadline for registration is Thursday, 24 December 2015.