Strong Arab Participation in the “Nurturing Extremism” Conference at the BA

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A large number of Arab researchers, intellectuals, and writers will be taking part in the “Nurturing Extremism: A Reading of the Measures of Intellectual Confrontation” Conference, which will be held from 3 to 5 January 2016 at the BA. The conference will host participants from 18 Arab countries with expertise in topics concerning extremism, terrorism, sociology, political science, and Islamic sciences.

The conference will be held in collaboration with Al-Azhar and will cover many topics of discussion, including sociology, extremism, terrorism, and new media, as well as presenting counterterrorism methods employed by several countries.

A special session will be held during the conference and will be attended by Iftikhar Malik, Professor of Islamic History at the Bath Spa University, England; Dr. Francesca Biancani, Professor of Middle Eastern History and International Relations in Rome; Dr. Said Shehata, Professor of Political Science in London; and Dr. Mamoun Fandy, Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, to discuss the issue of terrorism in Europe—an issue that has international resonance.

The plan to create an Arab network of research centers concerned with examining extremist thought in the Arab world will also be announced at the end of the conference.


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