The Memory of Modern Egypt is Open for the Participation of Researchers and Academia

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Alexandria— As part of the BA endeavors to support scientific research and disseminate research papers and studies online for the benefit of all researchers, the Memory of Modern Egypt, a digital online repository to be launched on the internet in the coming few days, has devoted a special section for publishing research papers and archeological and historic studies by young researchers and university professors relevant to the history of modern Egypt.

The papers are assessed by a selection committee of senior university professors. The content of theses papers does not necessarily reflect the BA views. A group of university professors and young researchers have already participated with their papers and studies to be published online through the Memory of Modern Egypt Project.

The BA encourages researchers and university professors to publish their research papers digitally through the Memory of Modern Egypt Digital Archive for the benefit of thousands of students and researchers.

To publish a research paper, please contact Ms. Susan Abed, email: or visit the Memory’s website and contact the Memory’s team to publish any research paper relevant to the history of Egypt from a political, social and cultural perspective, or concerning one of the prominent Egyptian figures who influenced Egypt’s history.

It is worth mentioning that the “Memory of Modern Egypt” is a definitive digital repository of materials documenting Egypt’s rich modern history, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, through photographs, films, stamps, coins, newspapers, magazines, documents, and historic studies that were drafted specifically for the Project. The Memory is a joint endeavor between the BA International School of Information Science (ISIS) in charge of the technical part, and the BA Special Projects Department that is in charge of the scientific content.


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