Re-issuing Selections of the Islamic Heritage in a Seminar at the BA

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Alexandria—The BA organizes on 23 and 24 December 2009 a seminar entitled: “Islamic Reform Thought” with the participation of intellectuals and specialists from 15 different Arab and Islamic countries including Turkey, Yemen, Jordon, Syria, Mali, Tunisia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Egypt.

The Seminar aims to introduce the BA Project entitled “Re-issuing the Classics” which works on re-issuing classics of the Islamic heritage in the 19th and 20th centuries (13th and 14th Hijri centuries). During the Seminar, samples of books ready for re-publishing will be presented and discussed. The Seminar also seeks to widen the scope of participants in the project, through including researchers from different Arab and Islamic countries to the project’s team.

“Re-issuing the Classics” aims to publish selections from the Islamic reform thought, and introduce most prominent thinkers from this period to a wide public for a better understanding of those pioneers and their works. It also intends to translate these works into English and French in an attempt to decrease the gap between the West and the Islamic World.


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