History of Suez Canal on BA E-Learning Platform

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As part of the BA’s aspiration to promote public historical awareness, with a specific focus on Egypt’s history, the E-Learning Unit of the BA Educational Services Section welcomed Arnaud Ramiėre de Fortanier, president of the Association of the Friends of Ferdinand de Lesseps, to reach an agreement on offering the public a series of lectures on the history of Suez Canal.

Said lectures are part of the collaborative efforts of the BA, the Association of the Friends of Ferdinand de Lesseps, and the Suez Canal Authority, which started in 2000 in order to make the documents on Suez Canal accessible to researchers.

Arnaud Ramiėre de Fortanier stated that he will grant the BA a variety of documents, archives, and pictures related to the history of Suez Canal in order to enrich the content and value of the aforementioned lectures. It is worth mentioning that, in 2005, the BA had received e-copies of various documents.

The lectures will be accessible through the BA e-learning services platform, Moodle, in Arabic and French. Said lectures will discuss the birth of the idea behind digging the Canal, present the history of the Suez Canal inauguration, and display various historical pictures depicting the different stages of the digging process. This will be achieved as part of the efforts of the Educational Services Section to support learners, improve scientific and academic research, and promote cultural awareness among people.

The services provided by the e-learning platform aim to reinforce and advocate for Digital Culture among the general public through investing in the latest technological advancements in developing research skills. They also aim to strengthen and develop research methods as vital elements in the progress and prosperity of the community.