Memory of Modern Egypt Documents the 25th of January Revolution

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The Memory of Modern Egypt (MoME) project started to document the 25th of January Revolution, in keeping with the BA role to document Egyptian history.

MoME will document several material related to the revolution including photos, official documents- such as resolutions- and other documents- such as flyers-, in addition to press archive, video and audio material. So far, MoME posses several material that documents the revolution since its onset on 25 January, till its climax on 11 February 2011. These include a file for each governorate, as well as information about martyrs.

Mahmoud Ezzat, Head of MoME Research Unit, welcomes all contributions, printed or electronic to his email 

MoME is a huge online portal that documents the history of Egypt in two centuries starting from the reign of Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1805 till the rule of former President Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat, ending on 6 October 1981.