El-Arish University Lays the Foundation for Establishing a BA “Embassy of Knowledge” at its Campus

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Dr. Habash Elnadi, President of El-Arish University, received a high-level delegation from the BA, headed by Dr. Ashraf Farrag, the BA Advisor and Supervisor of the Embassies of Knowledge and Representative of Dr. Moustafa El-Feki, Director of the BA, to lay the foundation for establishing a BA Embassy of Knowledge at the University’s campus. The event was attended by Deputy Governor of North Sinai, Secretary General of the Governor of North Sinai, deputies of the President of El-Arish University and all faculty deans, as well as Secretary General of the University and all faculty members.

This move comes as part of the BA role in disseminating knowledge in El-Arish University, one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Egypt. The Embassy of Knowledge aims to provide sources of information, databases and the latest international scientific periodicals in the BA, in addition to allowing online participation in all events, conferences and seminars that take place in the BA. This will enable students, researchers, faculty members and those concerned with knowledge and scientific and cultural matters in North Sinai to gain access to all BA facilities.