BioVisionAlexandria 2012 at the BA

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The BA Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP) organizes BioVisionAlexandria (BVA) 2012 Conference from 22 to 25 April 2012, with the participation of eminent scientists and researchers.

The theme of BVA 2012 is "New Life Sciences: Linking Science to Society" aiming at addressing the role that science can play in achieving a fair, equal and just society, not only through scientific research but also through policy adjustment. It will shed lights on issues such as health as a state of well-being, not just combating disease, environment, food and agriculture, and the rights of the marginalized.

BVA 2012 is held as a continuation of the tradition that started in BioVision 1999 in Lyon, France. The BA holds the BVA every even year, alternating with the World Life Science Forum held in Lyon every other odd year.

For updates and more information, please check the BVA webpage.

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