The BA Antiquities Museum Organizes its Summer Program 2019

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The BA Antiquities Museum organizes its summer program, for the eighteenth consecutive year, for children and young people aged 9–17 years old.

The program encompasses a carefully selected collection of artifacts that would attract participants. It includes art education, raises archaeological awareness, and brings a great deal of fun into the learning experience. It also offers opportunities for conducting research and experiments, and provides scope for scientific and aesthetic creativity.

The Museum Education Program promotes the museum's chief goal of preserving national identity and enhancing the individual's sense of belonging to their history and civilization. Undoubtedly, the civilization that has developed on the banks of the Nile since the dawn of history is worthy of protection as a national treasure that has captivated the world. Cultural heritage can only survive through the revitalization of cultural memory as a testimony to the greatness and splendor of the legacy of our ancestors.

The Summer Program begins on 20 May and continues until 19 September 2019. Participants undergo tests during the first week. Activities are held every day except on Fridays, while activities held on Saturdays are organized according to the participants' availability. The program includes lectures delivered by archaeologists from the museum, in addition to art competitions and research assignments on famous historical figures.

The activities are divided into three groups according to participants' ages, and each group activity is held on a specific date. Participants carry out various artistic works using different methods and materials; for example, painting on canvas, drawing on glass, drawing on plexiglass, gypsum etching, linoleum etching, salt etching, clay art, copper and aluminum hammering, acrylic colors, gouache and aquarelle colors, pastel colors, glass and ceramic colors, and charcoal art, in addition to creating other works using simple and commonly used materials.

A closing exhibition will be held to honor outstanding participants.

Registration begins on Sunday, 12 May 2019, at 10:00 am until all places are filled.

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