World Braille Day 2020

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The BA Taha Hussein Library organizes an exhibition to celebrate the World Braille Day on Monday 6 January 2020, in the main library entrance The exhibition will include a collection of braille books, periodicals, and some braille writing tools.

For the first time, one of the patrons of Taha Hussein Library, and a student from El-Noor School for the Blind is participating in the exhibition by displaying the most famous milestones of Alexandria made from recycled braille paper and a sculptures for louis Braille, the inventor of the braille method.

Additionally, the exhibition will highlight the importance of reading and writing by braille through some competitions made by braille for the Main Library patrons.

The World Braille Day is celebrated annually to commemorate the birth of Louis Braille (4 January 1809), as he made a revolution in the lives of the blind people through his invention.