The “Realism of Egyptian Sculpture” in a Lecture at Khadija Palace

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The BA Antiquities Museum organizes a lecture entitled “Features of Realism in Egyptian Sculpture: From Ancient Egypt to the Greco-Roman Period” on Wednesday, 22 January, at 2:00 pm, at Khadija Palace in Helwan, Cairo. The lecture is delivered by Dr. Asmaa Haggag, Lecturer at the Archaeology and Civilization Department, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University.

The lecture tackles the Egyptian and Greek artistic methods and styles, as well as the art schools and local workshops that produced those styles. It also sheds light on the Egyptian realistic movement in sculpture that is manifested in statues of kings and other individuals in Ancient Egypt, as well as the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom of Egypt. Sculptures from the Greco-Roman Period, with their realistic Egyptian features and Hellenistic effects, will also be highlighted in the lecture.

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