A Celebration Marking the Donation of Mohamed Shaker’s Museum to the BA

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On the occasion of Mohamed Shaker’s Museum and artistic collections donation, the BA organized a special ceremony on Monday 31 August 2020 at the BA Fifth Floor Floating Room to honor the great artist and hail his generous donation.

Mohamed Shaker is a prominent plastic artist and the former Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University. He is also a Professor Emeritus in the Painting Department. Winner of several awards and international and national certificates of appreciation, Shaker has greatly influenced young artists throughout several generations. He has also contributed to several beautification projects with his distinguished artistic works including mosaic murals and painted glass, in addition to his artistic works displayed at several international and governmental institutions. 

It is worth noting that Mohamed Shaker has lately donated his artistic museum (comprising four apartments) along with approximately 500 artistic works to the Library of Alexandria. Shaker’s donation also included all his medals and accolades, which were awarded to him throughout his professional career.

The celebration featured the attendance of a limited number of public dignitaries in accordance with the preventive measures followed amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.



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