The BA Organizes a Webinar on “Scientific Methods in the Arab and Islamic Civilizations”

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The BA Manuscripts Center organizes a webinar entitled “Scientific Methods in the Arab and Islamic Civilizations, delivered by Dr. Hussein Suleiman, Head of the Academic Studies Section at the BA Manuscripts Center, on Wednesday, 17 February 2021, at 11:00 am.

The webinar will tackle the scientific methods used by the Arab Muslims during the Greek civilization, and how the Greeks were affected by the methods that were passed on to them by previous civilizations. It will also discuss the creativity of the Arab and Islamic civilizations, manifested in the scientific studies of mathematics, astronomy, natural philosophy, etc.

This lecture is part of a series of events presented by the Manuscripts Center titled “Arab and Islamic Heritage,” that highlights the different aspects in which Arabs and Muslims most excelled.

“Scientific Methods in the Arab and Islamic Civilizations” is the third lecture of this series; the first lecture was titled “Means of Writing in the Arab Civilization, while the second was called “Classification and Translation in the Arab Civilization.”

All events are broadcast through the Manuscripts Center website.

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