Artist Mosaad Khodeir Donates a Precious and Rare Collection of his Paintings to the BA

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As part of the efforts exerted by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and its Writing and Scripts Center to document the heritage of Arabic calligraphy, together with the publication of the book Khodeir Al-Portsaidy… An Egyptian School of Arabic Calligraphy on Mosaad Khodeir Al-Portsaidy, the renowned Calligraphist and Leader of the Calligraphers’ Union of Egypt, Mr. Khodeir donated a precious and rare collection of his calligraphic paintings (30 paintings) to the BA. This donation was made in recognition of the BA role in the preservation of Egyptian heritage, since these paintings bear witness to the creativity of the Egyptian school of Arabic calligraphy.

The paintings were drawn using gold and silver, as well as Arabic, Persian and Ottoman motifs, which reflect Mr. Khodeir’s dexterity as one of the most inspirational artists of calligraphy and modern and traditional decoration.