The BA Releases the Fifteenth Issue of the Periodical Abgadiyat

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center released the fifteenth issue of Abgadiyat, an annual international scientific peer-reviewed periodical published by the Center. It is accredited by the Scientific Promotion Committees of the Supreme Council of Universities, and published annually in partnership with Brill Publishing in Leiden, the Netherlands.

This varied issue featured a collection of research papers written in multiple languages, which aimed to engage the academic community both in Egypt and abroad.

Topics covered in this issue included the study of religious and funerary texts, together with the study of Hieratic, Demotic and Coptic writings, to name but a few.

The Writing and Scripts Center is currently receiving research papers for the forthcoming sixteenth issue (2021) of Abgadiyat, which will be devoted to scientific projects and research on writings and inscriptions.

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