The BA Releases the First Issue of Scripts Notebooks

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina released the first issue of Scripts Notebooks, titled “The History and Inscriptions of the Nabataeans in the Eastern Nile Delta.”

Scripts Notebooks is a publication that aims at encouraging young researchers at different Egyptian universities and research institutions to promote their research output through a distinguished academic platform.

This issue presents a unique study on the history and inscriptions of the Nabataeans in the Eastern Nile Delta, written by Dr. Mahmoud Salem Ghanem, Senior Inspector at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and a specialist in reading and analyzing Nabataean inscriptions.

Through fieldwork, the researcher shed light on the Nabataeans in Egypt, by conducting a linguistic analytical study on a group of Nabataean inscriptions that were detected in Tell Shoqafiyah in the eastern Nile Delta, Tell El-Silic in the Suez Gulf, and Omdurmana on the western side of the Suez Gulf. He also demonstrated the strong relationships between the Nabataean Kingdom and ancient Egypt, manifested in the Nabataeans taking the village of Shoqafiyah in eastern Delta as their social, religious, and commercial headquarters (they transported commercial goods from the east to the rest of Egypt and western Africa). This indicated that the Arab presence in Egypt had long preceded the Muslim conquest of the country.