“Alexandria ad Aegyptum: Its Topography and Important Funerary Structures” in an Interactive Lecture at the BA

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The BA Antiquities Museum and the Zahi Hawass Center of Egyptology organize an online lecture entitled “Alexandria ad Aegyptum: Its Topography and Important Funerary Structures”, to be delivered by Dr. Fathia Gaber Ibrahim, Associate Professor and Acting Head of the Greco-Roman Archaeology Department, at the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University. The lecture will be broadcast on Sunday, 16 November 2021, at 8:00 pm, via the Antiquities Museum’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bibliotheca-Alexandrina-Antiquities-Museum-219232808274600

The lecture sheds light on the city of Alexandria as the most important city in the whole ancient world; it was the capital and the beacon of science and culture which embraced artists and scholars from all over the ancient world. The city was planned and organized in Greek style, and contained all the necessary buildings for any Greek city, some of which remained and some disappeared. So did everything that disappeared drown under its sea? Or what happened to it?! Some of its old buildings are a group of important funerary buildings that refer to the city's social mixture, in addition to its importance in the history of art and architecture in the ancient world.

Participation in the lecture can be done through the following link, or by entering the meeting details shown below on bibalex.webex.com

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Meeting number: 2362 627 2447

Password: VmUm