BA’s summer program for children and youth

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Alexandria, 22 June 2005—This summer witnesses an exciting cultural and educational program for school children, 6-16 years old, at the Children’s and Young People’s Libraries of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA). The program comes within the BA’s goals of promoting the capacities and talents of the future minds of tomorrow.

The program’s activities aim to encourage children and youth to research, broaden their horizons through reading, develop their creativity, and efficiently use the computer, Internet and different information sources.

The Research for All program teaches the young participants how to use reference books, electronic databases and the Internet to prepare researches. It also helps hone their presentation skills, as they present their research findings within the sessions.

Participants can also select a book, print, bind, make and keep it as their own, via the My Book: Digital and Printed project.

Competitions promoting the search for information by the children and youth using the BA’s various resources, will be held every week. Literary discussions among the young readers about selected books will help expand their intellectuality, and will accentuate the joy of reading.

The various workshops organized for the children and youth involve story-writing, cartoon and comic-strip drawings and Arabic calligraphy. The youth will also learn about the facts of different countries in the world, and design a website about these countries. Other workshops for children include workshops about maps and plasticine workshops.

There is also a wide selection of educational activities this year where children will gain computer experience using Photoshop, Front Page, PowerPoint, Kid Pix, Publisher and more.

Please visit the Children’s and Young People’s Libraries for the summer program’s details.