World Premiere of that Alexandria

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The BA is hosting the world premiere of the documentary that Alexandria on Thursday, 15 January 2015. The film recounts the history of the Golden Age of Alexandria during the first half of the twentieth century. The city of Alexandria, during that time, was considered to be a center of knowledge, a cosmopolitan model, and the land where the art of cinema was born in the East. Alexandria was also the birth place of many writers and poets, and it captured the attention of many distinguished international artists which led to its important international status later on. The film re-captures that history through seven people’s personal stories. These people belong to different religions, social classes, and nationalities. They are Greek, Italian, Armenian, Syro-Lebanese, and Egyptian. They have but one thing in common: being Alexandrian. The film also contains several narrations by three acclaimed Alexandrian scholars.


that Alexandria is directed by Sherif Fathy Salem, who is a member of the European Documentary Network and the Arab Documentary Film Association. He obtained two Bachelor degrees: the first in Architecture in 1990 and the second in Film Directing in 1994. His first documentary A Palace of Clay took part in several international festivals, and it received two awards. In 2005, he founded, an independent film production house based in Italy. Salem produced, wrote, and directed several documentaries, such as that Alexandria, The Italians of Egypt, The Traces of the Sicilian Muslims, The New Italians, and Clandestini: Illegal Immigrants in Italy.


The screening will take place at 7:00 pm, at the BACC Lecture Hall.