The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) is steadily heading towards a better future. The various roles it assumes on national, regional and international levels embody the Library’s renowned status as an international organization in Egypt.

As an arena for voicing cultural pluralism, the BA is concerned with the freedom of speech and of expression, promoting pluralism and diversity, presenting the latest in the fields of science and technology, interacting with the digital world, the arts, and academic research. This goes hand in hand with its primary role as a library that includes books, periodicals, and manuscripts that benefit the general reader and specialists as well.

The BA focuses on issues of dialogue, formulating visions, and developing ideas through the events and activities it organizes and hosts. It serves as a space where everyone, especially the youth, can freely express their ideas and present their creative skills and capabilities. The Library breaks the boundaries of time and space as it delves in the depths of heritage to reap its wonders and present them to people in a new, contemporary light. The BA also offers the fruits of human knowledge online through its various websites. It strongly aspires to digitally provide and disseminate knowledge in Arabic, English and French.

The BA has an enigmatic bond with the past; it carries the lingering ambience and hue of history. The Library strives to digitally archive the past through its websites, making historical documents, books, pictures, and more available to knowledge and culture enthusiasts and to specialists.

Ever since Ptolemy I Soter founded the Great Library of Alexandria, it had dwelled in the minds of people all over the world. Because of its founding purpose, which has lasted to this day since ancient times, the BA acquired an international facet expanding to Europe, Asia and Africa through a series of projects and initiatives in various fields, and thus realizing universal culture. It also builds partnerships with international organizations, celebrates global cultural production, and reaches a sense of diversity and creativity in its various global aspects.

The BA is an institution that overlooks the world through the Mediterranean Sea—the sea of civilization—which has witnessed the birth of civilizations and religions amidst strong interaction between Mediterranean peoples and societies. As a portal of knowledge, and Egypt’s timeless gift to the world, the BA reaches out to interact and cooperate with Egyptian, Arab, African, and international cultural, scientific, and religious institutions.