The BA is relaunching the Youth for Change Program in its fourth phase, under the title “ICT: Supporting Leaders of the Future”, after the program’s success in its first three phases. This phase is executed in cooperation with the TakingITGlobal organization and through local coordinators and some local organizations in the Middle East and North Africa. This phase includes 10 Arab countries, namely Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

This phase of the program aims to identify Arab youths who are talented in the field of ICT in order to provide them with the opportunity to develop themselves, and it aims to create an active network to gather those youths and nurture their talents. It also seeks to support youths and encourage them to take the initiative and inspire positive change in their communities through implementing their development projects. The program offers a range of mini-grants to the winners to execute their presented projects and to help them take the initiative to positively change their communities.

Phase IV of the program provides support for the winners through their participation in a training course that teaches them how to manage projects. Winners also learn more about how to use the tools and space available for them through the program online. Additionally, the program provides winners with the opportunity to participate in international and regional events and conferences to share their experiences with thousands of youths, discuss the topics and subjects that interest them with others, and present the achievements of their distinguished projects through the program’s online magazine.