About the Satellite Meeting

This satellite, proposed by IFLA Division V together with IFLA Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) and LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group, is looking for discussions in 3 aspects:
(a) Educational focus: how to prepare new professionals to have a strong international presence? how to motivate them to be more proactive at IFLA standing committees and other regional associations?
(b) Associative profile (advocacy and leadership): How can the national libraries associations help to increase the participation at international level? What are their roles?
(c) Professional opportunities: What difficulties, problems, obstacles or/and barriers are facing those professionals to participate at the international level? Is it possible to identify ways to help them to solve some cultural, bureaucratic and/or economic problems to be more involved at international level? Is it possible to create a platform to register ideas, proposals, sponsors and so on to help the LIS professionals from Africa - Asia & Oceania - Latin America & Caribe to participate at an international level, especially at IFLA?
The IFLA Division V Satellite 2019 will be organized in two days:
It will be open for any professional with the interest to participate in the discussion about leadership roles in international librarianship in Africa, Asia & Oceania, Latin America & Caribe. So, we welcome research papers, case studies, experiences and papers with innovative and practical perspectives on current and forward looking on the role of libraries and librarians at the international level. For this participation, the call for papers is open, so we are looking-forward to receiving contributions on any of the topics listed above:
  • Leadership roles in international librarianship in Africa, Asia & Oceania, Latin America & Caribe.
  • Advocacy and leadership in Africa - Asia & Oceania - Latin America & Caribe
  • Entrepreneurship for international leadership
  • Library and Information Science in developing countries
  • Social, economic and political advocacy in the LIS field in Africa - Asia & Oceania - Latin America & Caribe
  • International curricula for LIS professionals in Africa - Asia & Oceania - Latin America & Caribe
  • LIS curriculum and national and international associative participation
  • Specifics skills to focus on associative movements in Africa - Asia & Oceania - Latin America & Caribe
  • Social, economic and political advocacy for an active participation at the international associations of LIS professionals
  • International exchange of good practices of Library Associations from Africa, Asia & Oceania and Latin America & Caribe
  • National libraries associations and international participation
  • IFLA structure and the opportunities for Division V members
  • IFLA WLIC and participation of Division V members
  • Perception of Division V professionals about their participation at IFLA
On the 2nd day, we will work much more like a workshop. The discussions will focus specifically with representatives from national associations, professor and researchers in LIS school (especially for developing countries) and general professionals with very strong leadership skills in our region.
The Satellite Academic Committee will create several ways to motivate as much as possible those representatives from Africa, Asia & Oceania, and Latin America & Caribe to participate and present their experience. Also, members of the IFLA Regional Sections SC will present the results of the study about the perceptions of the professionals from their regions concern to their presence and participation at IFLA.
Please note:
  • For this second day, we are estimating no more than 40 participants all of them from Africa, Asia & Oceania, and Latin America & Caribe, except some mediators that the Satellite Academic Committee will invite. All the authors presenting a paper in the first will be invited to participate in the 2nd day.
  • All expenses for attending the Division V Satellite 2019 (eg. travel, accommodation, etc.) are the responsibility of the participants/authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA/Host Institution.



The major result of this satellite will be a general report entitled "How to increase Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean voices at IFLA?". This report will be prepared by the Division V Sections based on the findings from 3 different activities: (1) a perception study with the professionals of the three regions, (2) a documentary study about the participation of professionals from the three regions in different positions of IFLA and (3) the face-to-face discussions carried out in these two days of the Satellite Division V 2019. Such report will be presented to the GB as subsidies for future actions and strategies that may be created by them.
  • IFLA Division V - Regional activities (Africa, Asia and Oceania and Latin American and the Caribbean)
  • IFLA Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS)
  • LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
  • Egyptian Library Association
  • Misr Public Library
  • The National Library & Archives of Egypt