General Rules


Target Groups
The International Librarianship Training Program (ILTP) is targeting librarians and other information specialists interested in specific studies in the field of library and information science. ILTP courses are provided using advanced educational methodologies, as well as practical and technological methods. The ILTP target groups include, to name but a few:
  • Library specialists
  • Information specialists

  • Researchers

  • Publishers

  • Graduates of Library and Information Science faculties

  • Library and Information Science faculty staff members

  • All those interested in the latest technologies in the field of library and information services.


Terms of Enrollment
1)  Enrollment in programs/courses is through filling out the Registration Form on the link “Register Now” available on the page of the required program/course.
2)   The ILTP administration sends the program/course enrollment approvals by       E-mail or by regular post mail within one month prior to the starting date of the program/course.
3) If the trainee is affiliated to an institution, he/she must obtain the necessary official approvals to guarantee his/her completion of the program/course.
4) If the trainee wishes to withdraw from the program/course (for considerable reasons), he/she must submit his/her disenrollment 10 days prior to the starting date of the program/course; otherwise, he/she would not be able to refund the fees of the program/course.
5)    The trainee must be committed to the announced schedule of the program/course in which he/she is registered. In case trainee’s absence exceeds 20% of the total program/course attendance duration, he/she shall not receive a program/course attendance certificate. 
6)  Trainees should check the training venue prior to the starting date of the program/course to avoid any attendance delays.