The New ALEXploratorium

Life is a continuous and endless chain of connected mysteries; science is the ongoing quest to decipher it.

Science is everywhere inside and around us; in our bodies, in the ground we walk on, in the air we breathe, in the skies above us and in the space surrounding us for incalculable light years. We need science to grow and move forward, to understand what we are and where we live, to know our past, understand our present and make our future.

At the PSC, we offer the visitors an amazing adventure to reveal some of the wonders of science in an atmoshpere of amusement. Indeed, it has been an ongoing challenge to keep the ALEXploratorium fresh and exciting to visit again and again over the years.

With the passing of years, not only has the number of our visitors increased, but the PSC has also expanded its range of activities and initiatives. Naturally, the PSC Team as well has grown in capacity, knowledge and experience through their own work as well as numerous local and international trainings and conventions.

 Putting their acquired experience and knowledge, in addition to the best of their own imagination and ability, to hard work, the PSC Design and Fabrication Team has redesigned the ALEXploratorium to reinforce the discovery concept though three zones: Discover Yourself, Discover Your Environment and Discover Your Universe.

Upon entering through the Information area, the visitors get a glimpse of the “Discover Your Environment” zone through a seethrough wall contouring the corridor that leads to the gate of the first zone; “Discover Yourself”. The gate, the House of Mouth, is the first exhibit of the zone that revolves around the Human Body, with special emphasis on the Five Senses; Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing and Touch; the zone also features a part about Genetics with an iconic DNA exhibit.

The visitors then exit to the “Discover Your Environment” zone through the Suspension Bridge. The next exhibit is the iconic Talking Earth, after which the visitor can experience the Motion section focusing on Mechanics and featuring Pulleys, Levers and an Archmides Screw, among other exhibits. In the same zone, there is also the Life section with exhibits about Plants, Food Chains, Healthy Eating and Population.

Afterwards, the zone continues on with the Waves and the Energy sections featuring the Laser Musical Instrument, Magic Carpet, Generating Electricity Using Human Power, the Electronic Board, Saving Electricity, as well as Clean and Renewable Energy.
Following that is the Elements section with exhibits such as the Water Spinner, Viscosity Tubes, the Periodic Table and the Be Curious digital microscopes. Before leaving the zone, the visitor gets to experiment with Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Water Cycle and Climate Change.

The visitors then move on to the “Discover Your Universe” zone through the Planetarium-resembling gate. There, visitors get to know their Weight on Each Planet; check out various Space Shuttles and a Space Station; learn about Finding Latitude, Day and Night, Moon Phases, the Center of Gravity and Sound in Vacuum. The iconic exhibit of this zone is the Moving Solar System simulating the Sun and Planets with their relative sizes, colors and motion.

The visitor then ends this exciting adventure with a few fun games: Distortion Mirrors, Illusions, Color Glasses, Brainteasers and Computer Quizzes. In addition to all the new exhibits, there is the new “Listen and Discover” auditorium now with a 75-seat capacity and featuring up-to-date 2D and 3D projection technologies, as well as three new workshop spaces. To conclude the visit, guests can stop by our all-new Giftshop for souvenirs to remember us with until they come back to visit.


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