Seven Wonders
Duration: 30 Minutes

Suitable for children starting from 6 years old and above

Ever wondered about the Seven Wonders?! What were they? How did they come to be? More importantly, why were they, and why do they remain, wonders?

Spectacular tombs of mysterious structures… A mystical oasis of multileveled gardens growing in the middle of the harsh desert… Colossal monuments towering hundreds of meters above ground… The ancient Seven Wonders are a universal riddle that continues to mesmerize the world with its enchanting mystery…
But no matter how wondrous they were, except for the Great Pyramid, none of the ancient Seven Wonders remain to the day. It is no wonder then that we turn our eyes from Earth to the skies where the wonders are everlasting…
In that vastly spread universe, spectacular stellar jewels form dazzling cosmic wonders that swirl and swarm through space… wonders that have triggered Man’s imagination since the dawn of time, inspiring fantastical tales and luring him into a perpetual wanderlust to unravel the fascinating secrets that lie in those wonders.
But the greatest wonder of all may be this tiny blue planet where we start our journey. This planet that may indeed be unique in all the universe, for it is the only place in this vast cosmos where we know life exists… Life of such variety, complexity and intelligence that it overwhelms the imagination… Life that can explore, understand, and construct the exquisite monuments of mankind…
Life that can ponder the mysteries and wonders of our planet and the universe beyond.
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