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Starting Point I

From: 01 April 2012 To: 05 April 2012 Age Group: 12 -16 years

Combinations of 26 letters make up every word in the English language, 28 in the case of Arabic. Similarly, every material in the world is composed of different combinations of about 100 elements that cannot be broken down into simpler substances through ordinary chemistry.

Categorizing and looking for patterns in matter started in ancient times. In Aristotle’s time, water, fire, earth and air were considered the basis for everything. Over time, many observations and experiments, in addition to the discovery of new elements, led to the scientific classification system of elements based on common characteristics and behaviors known as the periodic table.

What is the periodic table? How are elements arranged? How are element groups defined? During this program, students learn the answers to these questions and more. They learn the history of the periodic table, play games, and conduct hands-on experiments; they also get to build their own periodic tables.

Both parts must be attended.

Person In Charge: Amira Kotb and Reda Kandil

Current and Voltage

From: 18 March 2012 To: 22 March 2012 Age Group: 12 -14 years

In our homes, electricity provides the power needed for the lights and electric appliances; but how does electricity work? This workshop will help the students to know more about the current, voltage, and resistance. They will understand Ohm’s Law and how it is applied.

Person In Charge: Heba Elgamal

Chemical Reactions

From: 11 March 2012 To: 15 March 2012 Age Group: 9 -12 years

Chemical reactions are a part of our daily lives; they occur when two or more molecules interact and a substance results. Some of the important kinds of reactions are combustion, synthesis, decomposition, and more. In this workshop, students will understand what goes on in a chemical reaction through chemical equations.

Person In Charge: Mohamed Melegy


From: 04 March 2012 To: 08 March 2012 Age Group: 10 -11 years

Fish are vertebrates that live in water; they breathe through gills, and have fins and scales. The aim of the workshop is to explain to the students how the heart of the fish works, and how the food they eat generates the electricity needed for the heart to pump.

Person In Charge: Zeinab Ahmed


From: 26 February 2012 To: 01 March 2012 Age Group: 13 -15 years

All living things inherit their physical and biological characteristics from their parents; this is called Genetics. In this workshop, students will learn about DNA, and how changes in the DNA affect evolution. It will also help the students know more about the sequence of genes and how they are transferred.

Person In Charge: Marwa Gaber

Chemical Mixtures

From: 22 February 2012 To: 26 February 2012 Age Group: 13 -15 years

There are infinite numbers of mixtures; anything you can combine is a mixture. A mixture would be a glass of water with any other substance dissolved inside; such as salt. In this workshop, students will know more about mixtures, solutions, and colloids.

Person In Charge: Rasha Hassan

What is the "Matter"?

From: 19 February 2012 To: 23 February 2012 Age Group: 8 -10 years

Matter is all around; but, what is it? What are the states of matter? And, and what are the physical and chemical changes that occur to it? This workshop helps students know more about the properties of matter, its classifications and other relative phenomena through  a diversity or interesting hands-on experiments.

Person In Charge: Nihal Mahmoud

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

From: 12 February 2012 To: 16 February 2012 Age Group: 10 -12 years

Have you ever witnessed an erupting volcano? Have you ever been shaken by an earthquake? In this workshop, students will simulate a volcano through building models. They will build a seismograph and record the motion and strength of an earthquake. They will also learn about the Earth’s core through hands-on experiments.

Person In Charge: Abdallah Casper


From: 04 December 2011 To: 08 December 2011

Chemistry is the science of chance. It looks at all the different kinds of substances and how they interact with each other. People in widely differing walks of life use chemistry on daily basis. This chemistry workshop encompasses a variety of simple and fun scientific experiments that aim to familiarize children with some chemical secrets, such as chemical reactions, atoms and molecules, acid base reactions, the difference between compounds and mixtures, among many other secrets.

Person In Charge: Amira Kotb

Space Adventure

From: 27 November 2011 To: 01 December 2011 Age Group: 12 -14 years

Who would not like to explore the outer space with all its mysteries? Through model-making, hands-on activities, slide shows and movies, this workshop takes students on a riveting journey to unravel the secrets of astrophysical phenomena, such as meteorites, constellations, cosmic collisions, orbital forces, and many more fascinating facts, trends and occurrences.

Person In Charge: Marwa Gaber

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