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Blue Gold

From: 20 November 2011 To: 24 November 2011 Age Group: 8 -10 years

Without water, there would be no life. It is vital for all forms of life; it constitutes 70.9% of the Earth’s surface and makes up about two-thirds of the human body. In this workshop, students learn about the properties of water and its natural cycle, in addition to other intriguing phenomena, such as surface tension.

Person In Charge: Abdallah Casper

What is the "Matter"?

From: 13 November 2011 To: 17 November 2011 Age Group: 9 -11 years

Matter is all around; but, what is it? What are the states of matter? And, what are the physical and chemical changes that occur to it? This workshop helps students know more about the properties of matter, its classifications and other relative phenomena through a diversity of interesting hands-on experiments.

Person In Charge: Nihal Mahnoud

Electricity Your Life

From: 30 October 2011 To: 03 November 2011 Age Group: 12 -14 years

Humans have an intimate relationship with electricity, to the point that it is virtually impossible to separate our life from it; it lights up our world and powers it. Through a number of exhilarating hands-on experiments, students learn about conductivity, Ohm’s law and storing energy, among a variety of other electrifying facts.

Person In Charge: Heba El Gamal

The Solar System in 90 minutes

From: 23 October 2011 To: 27 October 2011 Age Group: 9 -11 years

Astronomy is one of, if not the oldest sciences; it is the study of our universe, its origin and nature, celestial bodies and phenomena that originate outside the Earth’s atmosphere. This workshop unravels fascinating facts about the Solar System and its different celestial bodies through model-making and a selection of hands-on activities.

Water Treatment

From: 16 October 2011 To: 20 October 2011 Age Group: 12 -16 years

Water treatment is the processes used to make water more acceptable as drinking water, in industrial processes, and in medical uses among other uses. In this workshop, students learn the steps of water treatment through a variety of hands-on activities that tackle processes such as pre-chlorination, sedimentation, filtration, desalination and disinfection.

How Heavy!

From: 09 October 2011 To: 13 October 2011 Age Group: 13 -15 years

Each element and compound has a unique density, making it an important physical property. Understanding density helps us find the answer to many questions; such as why some objects float on water while others sink in it. The workshop introduces children to the theory of density and floating bodies through fun experiments

Person In Charge: Reda Kandil

A Plant's Life

From: 02 October 2011 To: 06 October 2011 Age Group: 9 -11 years

What is the importance of plants? How do they grow from seeds? How do they make their own food to live? And, how do they reproduce? In this workshop, students observe the environment where plants grow and learn how they feed; they study plants’ characteristics and components, and understand the impact they have on life.

Person In Charge: Zeinab Ahmed

Summer Program Workshops

From: 12 June 2011 To: 25 August 2011

This summer, the PSC is organizing a number of workshops that encourage children to explore their creativity and help them find out how to use it in their life; all the while enriching their knowledge. In our workshops, students are able to interact with each other and with the world around them in an exciting and entertaining manner; they are guaranteed to have a blast!

To see the Summer Program workshops, please click here.

Animal Adaptations

From: 15 May 2011 To: 19 May 2011 Age Group: 9 -12 years

There is more to animals survival than just the habitat they live in. They also depend on their physical features, known physical adaptations, to help them obtain food, keep safe, build homes and withstand weather. Physical adaptations do not develop during an animal's life but over many generations. To learn more about what animals physical adaptation means, attend this workshop, where you will experience a number of activities to know the way animals use their physical characteristics to adapt to the different environmental conditions and maintain their lives.   

Person In Charge: Marwa Gaber


From: 08 May 2011 To: 12 May 2011 Age Group: 10 -12 years

Chemistry is the science of chance. It looks at all the different kinds of substances and how they interact with each other. People in widely differing walks of life use chemistry on daily basis. This chemistry workshop encompasses a variety of simple and fun scientific experiments that aim to familiarize children with some chemical secrets, such as chemical reactions, atoms and molecules, acid base reactions, the difference between compounds and mixtures, among many other secrets.

Person In Charge: Zeinab Ahmed

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