April's Astronomy Night
16 April 2013 - 16 April 2013

The Astronomy Nights will be held once a month and will include a variety of activities, such as open-for-public lectures, defining significant astronomical phenomena that happens in the evening, astronomical observations, in addition to competitions.

This Astronomy Night’s activities will include:

• A scientific lecture.
• Distributing maps of sky of Alexandria in April.
• Presenting the latest updates in astronomy and space sciences.
• Observing the sky using telescopes on the BA Plaza.
• Astronomy competition and prizes’ distribution.
• Observing the stars of spring and the Taurus and the Gemini astrological signs using laser at the BA Plaza.

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Dr. Islam Hussein, the Egyptian virologist, will be with us in a live dialogue in which he will answer your questions and inquiries on the implications of the emerging corona virus