Eratosthenes Festivity 2013
20 June 2013 - 20 June 2013

Eratosthenes Festivity is an annual event organized by the Planetarium Science Center (PSC) on 21 June every year since 2003; the day of Summer Solstice in Alexandria and Aswan. Eratosthenes, the Greek scientist and the third librarian of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, was the first scientist who measure the circumference of the Erath before 2000 years ago in these two cities.
On  21 June, the day of summer solstice, school students conduct Eratosthenes’ experiment at the BA Plaza and in Aswan (Upper Egypt) to measure the circumference of the Earth. Moreover, other countries around the world like France, Argentina, and Spain will join the Festivity through the videoconferencing facility.

The Festivity comprises a field trip to Elephantine island in Aswan, interactive workshops, lectures, contests, and videoconferencing between Alexandria, Aswan and other countries to compare measurement results.

For additional information and registration, please contact us at: +203 4839999, Ext. 2350-2351.

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