World Environment Day WED09
20 June 2009 - 20 June 2009

The theme of the World Environment Day 2009 is “Your Planet Needs You”. As the Earth's temperature rises, so does the will to find climate solutions. This event reflects the urgency for nations to agree on finding solutions for this global issue that affects us all. There are many challenges, from high air pollution in cities and dependence on fossil fuels to land degradation and the need to fight poverty.

For the second year, the PSC has celebrated the World Environment Day, under the auspices of the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and the Ministry of Petroleum, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, with the aim to seize this opportunity to rally students to participate in the Environmental Creativity Celebration. The Event aimed at raising the students’ environmental awareness by encouraging them to direct their talents and skills in developing environmental artwork and inventions.

The 1st  edition of the World Environment Day was a big success and attracted around 550 visitors. It was under the overarching theme “Kick the Habit”. The festivity included workshops, free visits, an exhibition, a lecture and a contest between schools.
This year’s event took place in the "Environmental Awareness" village, which was built on the BA plaza. The village was divided into four zones, each of which related to WED’s 2009 theme “Your Planet Needs You, UNite to Combat Climate Change”. There was the activity zone; the BA zone; the community zone; and the games zone. These zones tackled our everyday habits, that can be transformed and changed to save our planet, in an enthusiastic and interesting manner through hands-on and simple activities, suitable for different age groups.




In addition, the PSC also celebrated the inauguration of the "Spanish Day" which was really fun. Moreover, a contest was organized, in which 12 schools participated. The contest was divided into 5 categories, one of which was the "Sustainable City" contest. The school that won the prize was Al-Riada School, where the contestants are going to participate in the "Bright-Green Youth" contest in Denmark next August.

More interestingly, the number of WED visitors increased this year to reach 6000 visitors, which is a huge number. The PSC staff are exerting their utmost effort to improve what they do, aiming at attracting more and more visitors each year. This is the plan for the World Environment Day 2010. 

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