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"Scouts Torch" festivity

06 June 2007
On the occasion of the "Scouts Torch" passing through Alexandria on 6 June 2007, the BA Planetarium Science Center is organizing a festivity, from 18:00 to 21:00 pm, that includes speeches, presentations, shows, and the official Torch-passing ceremony. The event is open to the public.

"Selling Science to the Public", a lecture by Baroness Greenfield

27 April 2007
On Friday, 27 April 2007, eminent scientist, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Director of the Royal Institution, delivered a lecture entitled "Selling Science to the Public" that was organized by the PSC to the general public.

Zoom Earth 2nd Festivity

24 April 2007
To celebrate the completion of the second phase of the "Zoom Earth" outreach program, the PSC organized a festivity on 24 April 2007.

“Science Festivity 2007”, a fun FREE event organized by the PSC

18 April 2007
The BA Planetarium Science Center, in collaboration with the French Cultural Center in Alexandria and St. Marc College, has organized the first “Science Festivity”, which is to become an annual festivity. The Festivity targets the public in general and schoolchildren in particular, it aims to bring science closer to the public through an easy fun manner. The festivity was open to the public for free and took place on the course of three days; 18-19 April in the BA Plaza, and 20 April in the Shallalat Gardens.

"Our Place in the Universe", a lecture by Prof. John Barrow

03 April 2007
On 3 April 2007, the PSC organized a lecture entitled "Our Place in the Universe" that was delivered by Prof. John Barrow, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University and Director of the Millennium Mathematics Project, a new initiative to improve the understanding and appreciation of mathematics and its applications amongst young people and the general public.

World Water Day 2007

22 March 2007
World Water Day is an international event that tackles all water-related issues and aims to create awareness of such potential threats. This yeas, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina participated in spreading this message by organizing a one-day festivity in association with the Arab Environment Association.

NAMES 3rd meeting

07 March 2007
On 7-8 March 2007, the third meeting of NAMES, and the second of the network's actual Board of Directors, was hosted by The Scientific Center of Kuwait, one of the four founding members of the network. Joining the five members of the Board of Directors were the representative, of the two new full members of the network, Dubai Children's City and Sharjah Museums Department.

Zoom Earth 1st Festivity

28 December 2006
To celebrate the completion of the first phase of the "Zoom Earth" outreach program, the PSC organized a festivity on 28 December 2006 that included a lecture by Dr. Mohamed El Raey, Professor of Environmental Physics.

2nd FLL in Egypt Competition Finale

14 December 2006
The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) in Egypt 2006 was co-organized by the BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) and the IEEE GOLD Egypt (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), under the auspices of Egyptian Minister of Education, Dr. Yousry Elgamal.

"The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental Physics", by David Gross

03 December 2006
The lecture evolved around the necessity to go beyond the standard model of particle physics and to understand quantum gravity has led to String Theory. This ambitious attempt to unify all the forces of nature and all forms of matter's different vibrations of a string-like object is still in a pre-revolutionary stage. Although remarkable progress has been achieved in the last decade in understanding the perturbative and non-perturbative structure of String Theory, we still lack a fundamental understanding of the theory. Many string theorists suspect that a profound conceptual change in our concept of space and time will be required for the final formulation of string theory.

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