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A Spectacular Infrared Image of Young Stars

16 August 2007
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope (SST), a space-based infrared observatory, recently imaged a cluster of young stars in the Serpens cloud, located approximately 848 light-years away from Earth. Scientists speculate that this discovery will yield new clues about the formation of star clusters, gravitationally-bound families of tens, or hundreds of stars.

Hard life

16 August 2007
Penguins live on land, on ice, and in the oceans of the southern hemisphere, but global climate warming is shrinking their habitats (see "Shrinking Glaciers"). Oil slicks and other types of pollution are making them sick. More and more often, fishermen catch penguins in their nets by mistake. Over-fishing is making it harder for the animals to find fish to eat.

En Route to Mars

15 August 2007
On 10 August 2007, NASA's Mars-bound Phoenix spacecraft accomplished the first and largest of six course adjustments, scheduled during the spacecraft's 9-month cruise to Mars.

A Scratched Moon

13 August 2007
NASA recently published an interesting image of Enceladus, Saturn's icy, geologically-active moon. The image was acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft.

Laser Headlines News

12 August 2007
Scientists have designed a new type of semiconductor-based laser called the Quantum Cascade Laser, with greatly increased output power.

Tooth solves Hatshepsut mummy mystery

12 August 2007
Archaeologists used a missing tooth to positively identify the mummy of Hatshepsut (daughter of Pharaoh Tuthmosis I and wife of Tuthmosis II, her half-brother) (She reigned between 1498-1483 BCE as the fifth pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty)

Morphing wing may reduce aircraft's fuel use

12 August 2007
Airplanes of the future might change the shape of their wings as they fly.

Magic in Ancient Egypt

12 August 2007
From everyday healing to treachery in the court of King Ramesses III, magic pervaded every aspect of ancient Egyptian life.

So, what is the Big Deal?

12 August 2007
Global warming is a common topic that every newspaper, T.V, broadcast talks about. The problem is people are not aware how serious the phenomena is. Global warming has serious collisions on our planet and thus our lives, here are some of the influences of global warming.

Racing around Saturn

11 August 2007
NASA recently published an exquisite image of Saturn's magnificent rings, acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft. The image is a view of the dark side of the rings, displaying crisp detail and sharp contrast.

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