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Cassini Encounters Prometheus

17 April 2007
NASA recently published a spectacular image of Saturn's small moon Prometheus (102 km across), acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft, which was looking on the unlit side of the planet's magnificent rings.

Report on Mars Probe Loss

15 April 2007
After studying Mars four times as long as originally planned, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) orbiter appears to have succumbed to battery failure caused by a complex sequence of events involving the onboard computer memory and ground commands.

A Ferocious Insectivore

11 April 2007
The praying mantis is a predatory insect, preying mainly on other insects. It can even take small birds, e.g., the humming bird, as prey. On 23 December 2006, Mr. Aymen Ibrahem, Senior Astronomy Specialist, pictured a giant praying mantis predating on a bee. Ibrahem took numerous exciting photos of this breathtaking scene, showing the ferocious predator eating the doomed bee to the last shard.

Season's Greetings

09 April 2007
On 9 April 2007, Egypt celebrated the Sham en Nessim festival, an ancient spring feast that has been celebrated for thousands of years. As season's greetings, Mr. Aymen Ibrahem, Senior Astronomy Specialist, would like to present some of his wildlife photos to the readers of the PSC website.

A Chinese lunar orbiter

06 April 2007
Senior Chinese space officials recently demonstrated plans to explore the Moon.

Rhea transits Saturn

04 April 2007
NASA recently published a fascinating picture of Saturn, acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft. The image shows Rhea (1,528 km across), Saturn's second largest moon, transiting the planet's gigantic orb.

Into the Asteroid Belt

03 April 2007
On 10 April 2007, the Dawn spacecraft arrived at Astrotech Space Operations in Titusville, Florida. Dawn, NASA’s mission into the main asteroid belt, is at the facility for final processing and launch operations. Dawn’s launch window opens on 30 June 2007.

Saturn as a movie star

01 April 2007
With its magnificent ring system, Saturn is a unique telescopic sight. The ringed, wonderful planet has become a star of three Hubble Space Telescope (HST) movies.

New frontiers in solar physics

30 March 2007
On 21 March 2007, NASA published exquisite images of the Sun, relayed by the international spacecraft Hinode, a sophisticated space observatory. The unique images show fine structure in the solar magnetic field.

Cassini encounters a tumbling space rock

27 March 2007
NASA recently published an exquisite image of Saturn's enigmatic moon, Hyperion, acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft.

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