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From Saturn to Jupiter

25 March 2007
Orbiting Saturn since July 2004, the international Cassini spacecraft acquired a natural-color image of Saturn's planetary twin, Jupiter.

Glowing Beauties

21 March 2007
On the morning of Saturday, 10 March 2007, there were spectacular patterns of middle clouds in the sky of Cairo, Egypt. The magnificent display lasted over 7 hours. Mr. Aymen Ibrahem, Senior Astronomy Specialist, recorded these patterns, and imaged the wonderful optical atmospheric phenomena that were produced by these clouds.


03 March 2007
TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE (Picture Gallery) 3-4 MARCH 2007

Secrets of an Ancient Computer

06 December 2006
Computers go back farther in history than you might imagine.

Invisibility Ring

25 October 2006
Scientists cannot yet make an invisibility cloak like the one that Harry Potter uses. However, for the first time, they have constructed a simple cloaking device that makes itself and something placed inside it invisible to microwaves.

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