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Challenges for a viable decentralisation process in rural Burkina Faso

Document type: book
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Abstract: This bulletin focuses on access to land and natural resources, particularly by groups with the least political muscle, and considers the opportunities and risks that rural decentralisation poses for management of these resources at the local level. Going beyond the specifics of the current progress of decentralization in Burkina Faso, the studies in this publication also deal with themes relevant to other West African countries, and reflect upon the role that devolutionary processes play in natural resource management and local economies. Its success will depend upon its ability to integrate existing knowledge and experience and achieve synergy between interventions at the local level.
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Authors: Bagré, A.S. , Bary, H. , Ouattara, A. , Ouédraogo, M. , Thiéba, D. , Hilhorst, T. , Baltissen, G.
Series Title: Bulletin / Development Policy and Practice
Country: Burkina Faso
Category: Policy
ISBN: 90-6832-843-3
Serial number: 356
ISSN: 0922-7911
Keywords: governance , participation , empowerment , natural resources
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: 64
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: KIT Publishers
Year: 2004
Region: Africa , Africa South of Sahara , West Africa
Right: © 2004 KIT
Subject: Social and Political Change
Title: Challenges for a viable decentralisation process in rural Burkina Faso