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Moving targets : towards monitoring democratic decentralization

Document type: book
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Abstract: This article is meant to draw attention to crucial issues in decentralization and monitoring, and to analyse and examine the guiding principles for setting up an interactive monitoring system for decentralization. It aims to inspire the reader to consider the advantages of a rather pragmatic and flexible approach in monitoring. This can be done by focusing on plausible rather than real causal relationships, using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative indicators, involving not only ‘experts’ but all stakeholders including communities, and above all by prioritizing the learning aspects in monitoring. In the first chapter, major issues in decentralization are discussed, followed by relevant issues in monitoring and evaluation in the second chapter. Lastly, attention is paid to setting up a monitoring framework directed at democratic decentralization. Topics include: the diminishing difference between monitoring and evaluation, the problems in monitoring, participatory monitoring, a framework for monitoring on various impact levels, and finally, a proposal for organizing an interactive monitoring framework.
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Authors: Oosterhout, F. van
Series Title: Bulletin : Rural change
Category: Policy
ISBN: 90-6832-838-7
Serial number: 349
ISSN: 0922-7911
Keywords: governance , empowerment , evaluation
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: 69
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: KIT Publishers
Year: 2002
Right: © 2002 KIT
Subject: Social and Political Change
Title: Moving targets : towards monitoring democratic decentralization