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The Wouol Association, Burkina Faso : finding an economic balance

Document type: report
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Abstract: Wouol is an association of 1500 mango producers in Burkina Faso and one of the country’s largest suppliers of dried mangos. In 2003, Waoul contacted SNV for the first time with a request for a range of organizational, commercial and IT support, with a focus on training. SNV agreed to assist, and began by conducting an analysis of the organization, including the management’s roles and responsibilities, the production process and export arrangements. The analysis revealed three major problems that needed addressing. Meanwhile, the organisation is adapting its processing facilities to produce mango juice and jam, and plans to diversify its product range to include bissap (hibiscus flower tea) and cashew nuts. With a new buyer for its products, Wouol is now reforming its internal structure and is gaining confidence in its efforts to compete in the organic food sector. In 2004 the organisation produced 35 tonnes of dried mangos, all of which were exported to Europe. Wouol is a certified organic producer by Ecocert International, and has applied for Fair Trade certification from the Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO).
Authors: Til, K.-J. van
Series Title: Market Access for the Poor
Country: Burkina Faso
Category: Practice
Keywords: agriculture , trade , communities , enterprises
Language: eng
Organization: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
PAGE: [5]
Place: [The Hague]
Publisher: SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Year: 2004
Region: Africa South of Sahara , West Africa
Right: © 2004 SNV
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: The Wouol Association, Burkina Faso : finding an economic balance