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Girls' participation in education : findings from a multi-stakeholder context analysis in northern Ghana

Document type: report
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Abstract: SNV-Ghana is in the process of moving from a generic approach in local governance, i.e. supporting general decentralization processes, to a sector-based approach. As part of this shift, the portfolio An SNV team of advisers covering Northern Ghana carried out a context analysis of the education sector with special attention to the position of girls in primary education. The general picture emerging is that significant gains have been made recently in increasing the access to education for girls in many areas of Northern Ghana. This can in large part be attributed to long-term interventions by the many NGOs and donor agencies and projects, operating in Northern Ghana, as well as the more recent capitation grant system, effectively lifting many of the monetary barriers to educational participation. This raises three key challenges for educational policy: (1) there are still many girls not participating in education: a more targeted approach for reaching girls from marginalized communities may need to be considered; (2) increased educational access does not automatically translate into improved outcomes; and (3) centralization in donor funding requires political will to bring about regional balance. Based on this analysis, and feedback elicited through this Briefing, SNV-Ghana will position its educational interventions and make its strategic choices for supporting local organizations and working in partnership with like-minded organizations and institutions.
Authors: Anglaaere, J. , Yashiki, H. , Klinken, R. van
Series Title: Briefing Paper
Country: Ghana
Serial number: 3
Keywords: education , participation , gender
Language: eng
Organization: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
PAGE: 11
Place: Tamale
Publisher: SNV Ghana
Year: 2006
Region: Africa South of Sahara , West Africa
Right: © 2006 SNV Ghana
Subject: Education, Science and Technology
Title: Girls' participation in education : findings from a multi-stakeholder context analysis in northern Ghana