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Supporting small coffee producers in Ecuador : the Ecuadorian Association of Coffee Growers

Document type: report
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Abstract: In just five years the Ecuadorian Association of Coffee Growers (CORECAF) has become a major organization representing 5000 small coffee growers. SNV has supported the development of CORECAF to strengthen its position in the coffee sector, to improve services for its members, and to ensure its institutional sustainability. SNV's assistance has evolved in response to changes within the organization and in the coffee sector in general. The association has achieved significant successes in gaining recognition at national and international levels, and in promoting the interests of its members. For thousands of small coffee growers, CORECAF's technical services have provided many benefits, including improved yields, higher-quality beans and thus better prices, as well as more diverse production systems. According to a recent survey of some 2000 members, yields have tripled from 5 to 15 bags (about 40 kg) per hectare, and the price they receive has risen by 15%. The commercial enterprise CafeEcuador is continuing its campaign to boost domestic consumption, and is now supplying coffee produced by CORECAF members to Supermaxi, the country's largest supermarket chain. This is expected to benefit up to 5000 robusta producers in the Coast region in the next few years. With the rise in coffee prices in 2005, CORECAF and the commercial associations have reassessed the volume of coffee sold to Fair Trade markets, since local buyers are now willing to pay the same price. This situation has obliged CORECAF to rethink its sales strategy, and to aim for a more diverse mix of buyers of Fair Trade, organic and conventional coffees.
Authors: Marlin, C. , Beekmans, A.
Series Title: Market Access for the Poor
Country: Ecuador
Category: Practice
Keywords: agriculture , partnership , empowerment
Language: eng
Organization: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
PAGE: [4]
Place: [The Hague]
Publisher: SNV
Year: 2004
Region: Latin America , South America
Right: © 2004 SNV
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Supporting small coffee producers in Ecuador : the Ecuadorian Association of Coffee Growers