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Monitoring and evaluation National Program TiCBolivia 2006

Document type: report
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Abstract: This report describes the opinions of more than 50 project team members and of a representative sample of more than 900 users participating in the TiCBolivia program. To measure satisfaction and impact an auto-evaluation methodology is used which combines on-line questionnaires and focus group meetings. The TiCBolivia programme is in implementation since the year 2000, and formed around 15 ICT for development projects contributing to the Bolivian Poverty Alleviation Program in three key sectors in Bolivia: Governance, Agriculture and Education. The projects are owned and implemented by 20 organizations including grass-roots organizations, NGOs, the private sector and public entities. In 2006, the organizations have formed the ICT for Development network TiCBolivia to formalize the collaboration in ICT for Development in Bolivia. The program in Bolivia has hitherto 61,000 users that make direct use of digital information services through one of the 70 information centers for agriculture and governance and 70 schools with computer labs throughout Bolivia. Among the active users we find 65,000 indigenous producers and leaders, farmers, teachers and students, researchers and professionals. Moreover, over 500,000 persons benefit from the ICT programs as listeners of radio programs, web site visitors, or users of computers or the Internet.
Authors: Rodas, E.
Series Title: Learning Report Summary
Country: Bolivia
Category: Practice
Keywords: information and communication technologies , agriculture , education
Language: eng
Organization: IICD - International Institute for Communication and Development
Place: The Hague
Publisher: IICD
Year: 2007
Region: Latin America
Right: © 2007 IICD
Subject: Information, Knowledge and Communication
Title: Monitoring and evaluation National Program TiCBolivia 2006