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Helping producers make money from digital information

Document type: report
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Abstract: The price disparity between the farm gate and urban markets has attracted a whole range of technology-based information providers who are attempting to redress the price and negotiating balance of power in favour of the producer. More and more providers are coming up with ICT information solutions to address this issue. There are the price-based information services that are sometimes supplemented with information from potential buyers. These give farm-gate prices and market prices as a way of offering leverage to producers. Often those involved in producing this kind of information find themselves getting involved in playing a broking role. They begin to get to know enough to broker introductions between buyers and sellers and charge a small commission. In effect they begin to play the part of the "good guy middleman". So-called transaction-based sites offer the producers the chance to sell direct to buyers. This kind of service is exemplified by certain online coffee auctions and Jamaica’s JAMPRO export promotion site. The scale and logistics of information gathering are often harder than they might appear. With some exceptions, most of the projects at the conference were running the equivalent of small-scale pilots: operating in one district or centre. A Tanzanian provider estimated that it would take 18-20 centres to provide a full service. The biggest difficulty for most is the transition from being “free” to needing to charge for services delivered for it to be sustainable in the long-term.
Authors: Southwood, R.
Series Title: IICD Research Brief
Country: Jamaica , Tanzania, United Republic of
Category: Practice
Serial number: 5
Keywords: information and communication technologies , agriculture , trade , information services
Language: eng
Organization: IICD - International Institute for Communication and Development
Place: The Hague
Publisher: IICD
Year: 2003
Region: Africa South of Sahara , Caribbean
Right: © 2003 IICD
Subject: Information, Knowledge and Communication
Title: Helping producers make money from digital information