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Estudio comparativo de la legislación Latinoamericana sobre biocombustibles

Document type: report
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Abstract: A comparative analysis of the laws and regulations pertaining to the production and consumption of biofuels in Latin America is presented. The study involved field visits to biofuel farms in the region, interviews with key actors, both in the public and the private sector, in Honduras and El Salvador, and conferences and workshops, both at national and international level. Important aspects dealt with by most legislative regimes include tax incentives for the promotion of biofuel production and biofuel mix targets. Some take into account the involvement of small and medium enterprises and farms.
Authors: Hernández, E. , Heyden, D. van der , Bron, W. , Elvir, C.
Country: Argentina , Bolivia , Brazil , Colombia , Ecuador , Honduras , Paraguay , Peru
Category: Policy
Keywords: law , energy resources , agriculture , climate change
Language: spa
Organization: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
PAGE: 35
Place: Tegucigalpa
Publisher: SNV
Year: 2008
Region: Latin America
Right: © 2008 SNV
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Estudio comparativo de la legislación Latinoamericana sobre biocombustibles