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Guiding peer education the Kenyan way

Document type: article
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Abstract: Kenya Girl Guides Association (KGGA) has been collaborating with Family Health International (FHI) on peer education and behaviour change programmes for adolescents since 1999. Recently, KGGA began a new programme with unique features, with technical support from FHI and under the auspices of the USAID-funded AIDS, Population, and Health Integrated Assistance Programme (APHIA II). The innovation is that 32 Girl Guides, whose average age is 13, helped to develop an interactive life skills curriculum and a peer education handbook. The first of these complementary pieces is used for adult-led training for guiding units; the second is for peer education delivered in schools by Girl Guides for classmates ages 10–14. The handbook is now being used in classes 4 through 7 in at least 750 schools in the Coast and Rift Valley provinces of Kenya and the number will soon increase to more than 900. Topics include: making decisions for yourself; responding to negative peer pressure; understanding HIV transmission and prevention; reducing stigma and discrimination; preventing rape; and refusing drugs and alcohol.
Authors: Russell, H.
Country: Kenya
Category: Practice
End Page: 7
Serial number: 4
ISSN: 1871-7551
Journal: Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender
Keywords: health , women , education , empowerment
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Year: 2008
Region: Africa South of Sahara , East Africa
Right: © 2008 KIT
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Start Page: 5
Title: Guiding peer education the Kenyan way