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Relaciones de apego : la calidad del cuidado en los primeros años

Document type: book
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Abstract: In recent years, an extensive body of research has been accumulating, showing that the early care environment has a major role in a child’s development, affecting later outcomes and life chances. Central to these effects is the quality of the attachment bonds that a child forms with the persons who provide care, such as parents, other members of the family or community, or professional carers. Although most attachment research has been concentrated in North American and European contexts, the cross-cultural evidence that is now available from studies in other communities points to the development of infant–caregiver attachments as a basic feature of our human species, which is nevertheless significantly modulated by local cultural practices and living circumstances. Focusing on the formation of early attachments and their relation to later developmental outcomes, this publication highlights a set of established research findings with reference to a wide range of recent studies. It has been compiled with the help of many experts in the field and it provides easy access to up-to-date summaries of the key research findings, of value to people working to promote positive early childhood experiences and outcomes around the world. It has been developed especially to support the work of early childhood advocates and policy makers, and it sets out a series of policy-related questions that arise from the research findings in this important area.
Series Title: La Primera Infancia en Perspectiva
Category: Research
Editor: Oates, J.
ISBN: 978-0-7492-2909-2
Serial number: 1
Keywords: children , culture
Language: spa
Organization: Bernard van Leer Foundation
PAGE: ix, 51
Place: Milton Keynes
Publisher: La Universidad Abierta
Year: 2007
Right: © 2007 The Open University
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Relaciones de apego : la calidad del cuidado en los primeros años