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With women worldwide : a compact to end HIV/AIDS

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Abstract: The International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC) has called 2006 a critical year to determine the international community's future response to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. In the beginning of June, governments and civil society met at the High-Level Meeting on AIDS (‘UNGASS+5’) to review the implementation of the 2001 Declaration of Commitment on AIDS. In August, the biennial International AIDS Conference (IAC) in Toronto provided an opportunity to reshape dialogue and decisions with an even wider range of leaders. In preparation for these critical discussions, IWHC convened a group of women advocates in Bangkok in November 2005. They developed With Women Worldwide – A Compact to End HIV/AIDS as a tool for use in 2006 and beyond. The main goal of the authors was to mobilize extensive support for the Compact Agenda to ensure that it was incorporated into discussions and decisions at the UNGASS+5 and the IAC.
Authors: International Women's Health Coalition
Category: Policy
Serial number: 2
ISSN: [1871-7551]
Journal: Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender
Keywords: HIV and AIDS , disease prevention and control , women
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Year: 2006
Right: © 2006 KIT
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Start Page: 11
Title: With women worldwide : a compact to end HIV/AIDS